Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Mission & Vision



To impart a holistic education so that children can equip themselves with all the spheres of life i.e. physical, Intellectual, Social , Patriotic , Religious , cultural , Moral & Spiritual etc.


To create an environment where all the children understand, believe in themselves & work for the collective mission.

Aiming at Individual as well as collective growth of the members of the organization.

Making the school a learner’s organization.


The basic aim of our school is to shape the overall personality of a child. We provide congenial environment which helps the learner’s growth.

We give importance to feelings, interests & views of each member of Happian family. We assist each & every student by providing the platform to bring out their hidden talent so that they can attain the full potential in every aspect. We leave no stone unturned to develop the talents of children. To promote a keen sense of responsibility & to nurture them as independent thinkers, lifelong learners & gladly minded citizens of the society, we organize regular co-curricular activities. We make thorough study of each child so that we can help their growth in all the spheres of life.