Evaluation of a Student



The examination pattern at Happy Evergreen Sr. Sec. School is based on the CCE Plan. The new CCE pattern which stands for Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation has been introduced in our school. We at Happy Evergreen School have been following the same for classes II – X in our in – house format, wherein regular internal assessment played an important role in the overall evaluation. Under the CCE or the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Plan, the academic year is divided into two terms :-

Term – I (March – September)

Term – II (September – February end)

Both these terms include the following :-

Part – 1:
 Academic Performance : Scholastic Areas which further includes Formative Assessments 1 & 2, Formative Assessments 3 & 4 & Summative Assessments 1 & 2.
Part – 2:
 Co-Scholastic Areas which further include Life Skills, Work Education, Visual and Performing Arts, Attitudes and Values, Co-curricular activities and Health and Physical Education.

Under the Formative Assessments, the children are assigned grades on the basis of their performance in worksheets, activities, holiday homework and the Unit Tests. The criteria for assessing the children in the Summative Assessments are the Term End Examinations.

This plan which is followed throughout the year ensures that the assessment for the children is comprehensive & continuous and the report cards reflect only the grades of the students.